How Zinata came to be.

The name Zinata comes from a South African tree that has rich symbolic meaning for local tribes. It has thorns facing backward, a symbol of respect for where we come from and where we are today, and thorns facing forward representing change and improvement.

Zinata was founded in 2011 by Noel Peberdy. His mandate was to help companies drive transformational change in their critical business processes.

Throughout his career, Noel observed many companies were struggling with common disconnects – within and between sales, new product development, manufacturing, quality and supply chain – resulting in huge complexity and waste. These disconnects represent some of the highest value opportunities for business improvement. He also saw many examples of companies failing to deliver value from their technology investments. This prompted him to create Zinata as an integrative product value chain improvement provider, to help manufacturers achieve their goals.

To bring it all to life, he sought out other like-minded and experienced leaders and subject matter experts who had been successful in architecting and driving change in some of the most successful organizations on the planet. Together they formed Zinata, a network of highly experienced practitioners with intensely honed experience, who love what they do.

To accelerate and sustain improvements, they packaged up Zinata Accelerator Programs (ZAPs) that connect the dots and bridge silos, to accelerate time-to-value for Zinata Clients.