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Zinata believes in sharing what we’ve learned along the way. Our people do this through speaking engagements at trade events and conferences, videos, articles, white papers and personal blogs.

Here is a sampling of some contributions to the ever-evolving art and science of supply chain efficiency and improvement from some of its most highly regarded practitioners.

Better Planning and Scheduling with the Right Stock Levels

Editor’s Note: Peter L. King, CSCP, is the author of the 2011 article “Crack the Code,” which is still one of our digital magazine’s most popular stories. The following article is written as a response to the many questions readers have asked about the original article and to help take the topic of mastering inventory management a step further.

This article is provided with permission of the Association of Supply Chain Management from the October-December 2020 issue of SCM Now. Copyright©2021 Association of Supply Chain Management. All rights reserved.

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Product Wheels Power Production

Pete L. King and Alan H. Nall joined forces to write an article, recently published in ISE Magazine which features product wheels, where they answer all of your questions with great detail as well as with high expertise and precision. The article describes what product wheels are, the design process, real world examples, and the benefits of product wheel, including their incredible stability and consistency when it comes to productivity and scheduling within your plant.

This article is provided with permission of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers from the October 2018 issue of ISE, Copyright©2018 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. All rights reserved.

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Machine Learning + Statistical Forecasting = Faster Response

Machine learning with statistical forecasting results in a more responsive and customer-centric supply chain. With 30+ years in supply chain consulting and management, Carol McIntosh has applied her experience and knowledge to support companies in various industries such as pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods with their forecasting and demand planning. See her latest article published by the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning.

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This is hard! What do you need to consider to drive a successful Supply Chain transformation?

Supply chain transformation presents a complex “change” challenge, for you cannot approach it from one point of view only. You need multiple diagnostic lenses in order to see what is happening and to strategize the best way forward. The SCGuideStar team, drawing on comprehensive research and thought leadership in supply chain and organization/leadership transformation, honed five lenses for the transformational leader to look through in order to see deeply into what is happening within his/her business. This study and report was created by Roddy Martin: VP of Supply Chain at Oracle, formerly AMR/Gartner, Accenture and Zinata Advisor; Pat McLagan, leadership and transformation expert and Zinata Business Partner; and Don Wirth, of Zinata and former head of Global Supply Chain, DuPont.

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Reinventing the (product) wheel – Scheduling strategy makes for better flow

This article is adapted from The Product Wheel Handbook – Creating Balanced Flow in Multi- Product Process Operations by Peter L. King and Jennifer S. King, © 2013 Productivity Press.

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Wheel of Fortune APICS 2017 Presentation

This presentation was given at the 2017 APICS conference by Peter L. King and Alan H. Nall

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APICS 2017 Cover Story – Product Wheels

This article is a copy of the article printed in 2017 APICS magazine by Peter L. King and Alan H. Nall

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