The company we keep.

And where we’ve helped them.

Zinata helps some of the most successful and enduring brand names on the planet. We work with their corporate offices on projects all over the world. Here is a sampling from our client list:

Kellogg’s Latin America
IPL / Dyno Nobel
Wonderful Citrus
Johnson & Johnson
Mission Produce
Litehouse Foods

From Chaos to Customer Focus

A brand pharmaceutical company was overwhelmed with incoming product transfers and back orders were mounting. They were losing control with no way out. They weren’t fast enough or flexible enough to manage their crisis. They needed to rethink how they ran their business.

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Learning to See

A large consumer products company needed to reduce inventory. A simple Zinata tool made inventory visible, and thus reducible. Situation A large consumer products company’s global inventories had remained relatively constant for a number of years. There were significantly different inventory levels by business and supply chain. Also, there was significant sku turnover as new… Read more »

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Wheel of Fortune

A large nutraceutical company needing to improve asset utilization asks Zinata to “connect the dots” between scheduling and production. It was imperative to significantly increase OEE and line throughput, so they could satisfy all customer orders with fewer lines operating.

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Take your vitamins

A market leader in nutritional supplements found itself with a complex web of systems, sites, and processes after a long period of growth through acquisition. Supply chains operated autonomously, order fill rates were unacceptable, and material shortages were common despite high inventories. Planning in the traditional sense was non-existent. Something needed to be done to break the vicious cycle.

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Holy Guacamole

A preeminent fruit producer asked Zinata to help guide it into a more fluid future. Here’s what happened. The world’s leading producer, distributor and marketer of fresh Hass avocados, needed help. It is a vertically integrated company whose focus is providing worldwide customers a year-round supply, global availability and various value-added services.

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Drug problems

Management realized that current manual processes and siloed organizational structure across new product development and manufacturing were incapable of delivering the required speed-to-market, supply agility and product intelligence. They needed our help!

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