Leapfrog your competition with customer focused social, analytical cloud-based models.

Customer Centric
NOW Mode Thinking
Social Models in the Workplace
Balanced Trade-offs

The Disruptors

The Company of Tomorrow, Today is a business model that embodies a disruptive digitized organization characterized by companies like Amazon, Apple, Tesla and others.

These companies are passionately aware of their customers’ hard and emotional needs, deeply understanding the customer experience through all aspects of the buy and use journey. They respond rapidly to new opportunities, constantly evolving – even redefining – their markets. The entire operation is geared to respond quickly to deliver new services and products at disruptive prices. Growth in market share, customer loyalty and profitability further widens the gap to their competitors.

It starts with the Voice of the Customer

You craft your strategy around the customer by understanding their needs and wants. By aligning your service offerings to what the customer regards as important, you set yourself up to win at the Two Moments of Truth – when the customer “Chooses” and “Uses”. You translate your corresponding strategies into positioning, sales, marketing, product and processes.

Coping with change – elegantly

In NOW mode nothing is sequential or cyclical – instead, do what is needed when it is needed. Using digitization tools we will help you structure your value chain to run on ‘auto pilot’ so that most transactions require minimal effort. Exception detection can be automated and progressively refined. This frees up time for you to respond quickly to exceptions. Continuous concurrent planning becomes the norm, collapsing the cycle times of demand, supply and S&OP planning.

Collaborating in the Hive

Facebook, Instagram and other collaborative tools are changing the way we interact and communicate in our personal lives. We help you take advantage of these new paradigms by deploying business social media tools as a catalyst to break down functional silos. Structure your teams into “Hives” mandated to deliver business outcomes like Customer Fulfillment, transforming the way people work. Carefully designed roles and policies govern who can make what decisions in the Hive.

The endless meetings and stream of emails gradually fade into the background and productivity rises. Managers become coaches. Silos crumble, co-operation and co-innovation thrive.

HIVE = Human Interaction Virtual Environment

The balancing act

How often do you find organizational departments competing against each other, struggling with conflicting objectives? Sales vs. Supply Chain. Supply Chain vs. R&D. Finance vs. the rest. The Company of Tomorrow, Today is co-operative, recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This requires behaviors that start at the top, permeating a collaborative culture across the company, with performance metrics based on tradeoffs that drive balanced decision-making.

Pain Points

Does your organization take too long to make decisions and respond to your customer?Are you struggling to define a digitization strategy?Do you struggle with aligning the company towards a common goal? Have you lost focus on the customer?

The NOW Mode

Organizations tend to become more complex over time. What if your business processes were simplified and everyone was refocused to serve the Voice of the Customer? Zinata can introduce proven, effective tools to help you redesign roles, processes and organization to drive better and faster decision making, helping you to achieve your strategic goals.

See the impact NOW mode and a focus on the Voice of the Customer had on a large pharmaceutical company who was struggling with growth and change.

Digitization begins with culture…

And culture begins with social. Develop collaborative social models where dynamic clusters are rapidly created to address needs and opportunities. Acquire the right talent and leadership to foster the innovation necessary for a digital strategy. Create innovation labs and adopt an experimental mindset. Digitization is not considered a strategy unto its’ own – it must be woven into the business strategy, informed by how the company chooses to win in the marketplace.

Customer centricity

We help your team members become more aware of the things they do that affect the customer experience at the Two Moments of Truth. By ruthlessly focusing all their activities to serve the Two Moments of Truth, end-to-end alignment is facilitated. Needless waste is exposed. The result is a simpler, faster, leaner and much more effective value chain – aligned to serve the customer, consumer or patient.

Does your organization take too long to make decisions and respond to your customer?
Are you struggling to define a digitization strategy?
Do you struggle with aligning the company towards a common goal? Have you lost focus on the customer?