Lead with curiosity and humility.

Doing what we do effectively requires our practitioners to remain humble, curious and pragmatic. Our approach turns a big project into doable sequenced mini-projects that, once understood and absorbed by your teams, builds their organizational insights and capability.

We have a belief that 1 + 1 can equal 11; by respecting and encouraging different perspectives, the sum of ordinary people can be extraordinary.

Connecting Dots

Zinata believes in the old adage “seek first to understand” – so we start by listening to you. We want to understand what you are good at and what you are struggling with. We put the work in context. We help you step back and look at the problem – in the broader context of the larger business process. We connect the dots, ensuring any changes consider balanced tradeoffs rather than local optimizations.

Bridging Silos

Critical business processes are always full of multi-functional hand-offs. We use the focus on the customer to shift the energy from silo battles to common cause. Add high level metrics focused on the customer and you get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Building Capability

We create experiences using proven methods and models for the leaders and the people who collectively make the product. People see where they fit. People see how it all fits together. People learn to work in a new and better way – sustainably.

Our methodology: We’ve codified our line of attack.

We've codified our line of attack

By really listening to what the customer/ consumer/ patient regards as important, we help you win at the Two Moments of Truth: when the customer chooses, then uses. We carefully analyze customer knowledge you already have, or first help you to gather it. The voice of the customer is immersed into our methodology, guiding each step on the way to achieving the desired outcomes.

We gain a full understanding of your business vision, strategy and goals. If these are fuzzy, we help you bring clarity. We have diagnostic tools that identify your strengths, so we can build on them, and your weaknesses so we know what strategically needs fixing.

We lay out the path using journey maps and break the work into bite size chunks. This delivers quick wins and builds momentum and excitement.

We have crystallized our learnings into Zinata Accelerator Programs (ZAPs). These are our master files of best practices, built and proven over decades, energized by current digitized capabilities to reduce risk and accelerate your time to value.

We apply best practices and tools enabling companies to move away from working in fragmented silos towards working as unified, fiercely effective teams.

In today’s digital world, change is the only constant. Our approach will provide your people with the mindset and tools to drive sustainable continued improvement.

The best part: We aim to teach how to execute future transformations without us.

Our job is done.

Our Difference:
The Good Camper’s Ethic.

We are the anti-consultants 

Non-destructive amelioration

You’ve already realized you can’t solve armloads of complexity through siloed people and functions. You call in consultants. What happens next? In initial discussions with new clients, as the topic of their past dealings with consulting firms is raised, we hear some common refrains:

“Consultants always leave destruction in their wake… They bring an army of number crunchers with no real-world experience… It’s always death by PowerPoint… They foist upon us ‘successful’ technology projects that just don’t deliver on their business value promise…”

We are the anti-consultants

Zinata’s unique ability is uniting people, process and technology to deliver desired business results. Zinata people have fought in similar trenches as those you find yourself in today. We’ve spent decades in the world of supply chains, procedures, technologies, politics, and resistance to change; you name it, we’ve dealt with it. We have emerged as thought leaders with workable fixes to the problems that hinder complex organizations. We stand not before a big brand, but before several hundred combined years of experience. And we have the gray hairs to prove it.

Non-destructive amelioration

The only preconceived notion. Zinata operates under is a desire to understand and respect your situation today with a goal of helping you arrive at a more functional tomorrow – and all without blowing everything to smithereens. Our clients tell us they like that we treat them and their people with respect. That we fill the gaps, and provide the expertise that they may lack, but with the good camper’s ethic of always leaving things in better shape than they were found in.

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