Great partners make us better.

Zinata maintains partnerships and alliances with various organizations that share our approach to supply chain enhancement.

The Fresh Connection

The Fresh Connection’s supply chain improvement strategy aligns wholly with that of Zinata’s, in the way that they put great emphasis on the knowledge and skills of functional teams, as well as bridging the silos that exist among cross-functional departments. They wish to build relationships within your company so that the customer may be served better on a more complete scale. This company recognizes that it takes more than one team or one line working flawlessly to provide breakthrough productivity, but for a cohesive environment of everyone being entirely bought into the management practices that The Fresh Connection teaches.

They wish not to tell companies what to do, as they feel it is not enough, but that for a team to truly understand what needs to be done they must experience the problem at hand. They take teams through simulations that mirror real world scenarios and feel the impact that their every decision makes, not just in their area of expertise, but company wide.

Companies that have experienced The Fresh Connection find that it left an enduring mark on participants, who have included 40% of the Fortune Global 500’s top 100 businesses who still use The Fresh Connection, Gartners Supply Chain Top 25 – 50% of which are using the Fresh Connections and companies that include but are not limited to: PepsiCo, Walt Disney Pictures, Coca Cola, Nike and Heinz.

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Lean Dynamics LLC

Lean Dynamics provides manufacturing and supply chains operations with Lean concepts and tools to enable them to improve operating performance. Lean Dynamics engages the client managers, engineers, planners, and mechanics, trains them in the tools and their application, guides them through analysis processes to determine where the tools will be most beneficial, leads and guides the improvement design, and then coaches them through implementation.

Clients typically see benefits in reduced inventory and working capital, improved customer service performance, shorter lead times, improved OEE, and enhanced operating stability and predictability.

Lean Dynamics helps clients achieve these benefits through the use of Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management practices, Cellular Manufacturing concepts, Product Wheel scheduling, and Pull replenishment systems.

Zinata and Lean Dynamics have been partnering since early 2014, most notably on the project described in the “Wheel of Fortune” case study.

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McLagan International

Around 60% of all change initiatives fail. Sound high? It’s a statistic that consistently shows up in research. Pat McLagan is one of the world’s most experienced experts in guiding complex change. For four decades she and her company have taught programs, educated change leaders, reviewed and interpreted global research, and worked side-by-side with clients on change projects all over the world. She works collaboratively with clients to increase the probability that their change projects will succeed, with less cost and more positive energy.

Zinata and Pat McLagan are partners because we share an understanding of the importance of leadership in driving transformational change. McLagan International, Inc. has a long history focused on the evolution of leaders. They bring a unique and experienced perspective to leadership development initiatives.

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Analytic Impact LLC

Analytic Impact provides solid, data-driven actionable strategies and designs that optimize decisions, leading to better top- and bottom-line performance. Analytic Impact drives value by focusing on the decision-maker – the individual who enables change in an organization. By utilizing a range of tools, from simple problem structuring methods to advanced mathematical optimization models, the solution is delivered in business-simple terms that are immediately actionable.

Zinata and Analytic Impact have been partners since 2015 but the relationship Zinata consultants have with Glenn Wegryn goes back 30 years when they worked together on Supply Network Design projects at Procter & Gamble. Glenn’s specialization in manufacturing sourcing analysis, supply network design, inventory management, and modeling and analysis bring complimentary expertise to Zinata’s Supply Chain design and strategy service offerings.

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Transportation | Warehouse Optimization

Transportation | Warehouse Optimization (T|WO) is a provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions that focus on reducing the biggest part of most companies’ supply chain costs – transportation and warehousing. They have created a number of systems that “bolt-on” to existing ERP and WMS systems to enhance them. These solutions include:

  • AutoO2 – Advanced load planning and warehouse guidance
  • AutoO2 – Optimized case-picking and truck loading
  • AutoScheduler – Synchronized distribution scheduling
  • AutoSPO – Ship Point Optimization

T|WO team is comprised of experienced people that have “been there, done that” in numerous supply chain industries. The T|WO philosophy fits with the Zinata approach to use experienced practitioners to bring simple, but powerful solutions to life.

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