Executive Advisor

Atul Tandon

Atul has over 30 years of experience as a global operations and general management executive with demonstrated capability in building and driving integrated supply chains to world class operational levels.

Atul has held numerous important leadership positions in global operations, supply chain and general management areas with companies like Unilever, Ferrero, Diageo, Becton Dickinson, Watson (Actavis), Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) and Mylan located in multiple countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. While on these assignments Atul had the opportunity to work in FMCG and Lifesciences industries.

He has spent many years with increasing responsibility and experience in design, deployment and management of multi-product, complex, global supply chains for premium companies across consumer products; medical devices; branded, generics and biotech pharmaceuticals industry verticals operating in industrialized and emerging markets. These included both in-house manufacturing and complex contract manufacturing network. He has proven capability in conceiving and deploying transformational solutions through synchronizing the supply chain components, complemented by proven change management skills, and effectively leading the teams through the transition phrases. Most recently, Atul has been responsible for creating truly integrated, global, supply chains for Watson, BMS and Mylan – including deployment of world class Supply Chain Technology Platforms.

Atul has worked with and learned from the best of the best and is determined to help companies achieve their own business and supply chain transformation objectives, while keeping projects within their timelines and underbudget.