Strategic Solutions & Technology Consultant

Kevin Argudin

Kevin brings 20 years of broad industry experience that spans a wide range of technology expertise including automation, manufacturing systems and industrial IT. He works with project teams and business unit leaders to bring sustainable engineering solutions to their business goals. Throughout Kevin’s career he has worked in customer-centric environments supporting organizations. He understands how to automate and systematize manufacturing, decision support and work processes to improve performance and drive out waste.

With Zinata since July 2015, Kevin as spearheaded new product development and manufacturing enterprise-wide standards for business processes and systems for a major life sciences company to enable agility, scale and reduced cycle times.

Kevin is passionate about applying systems in manufacturing and building solutions with which people can readily engage. His roles in the engineering and execution side of projects – coupled with strong communication, collaboration, change management and leadership skills – enable him to lead customers or project teams to successful conclusions.
Kevin has a range of experience and has held different roles within organizations managing and driving operational excellence in manufacturing systems. He is an expert in the development of manufacturing strategies, architectures and process methodologies.
His broad industry experience, coupled with his innovative thinking have enabled him to cross-seed practices and approaches. He has developed a deep technical expertise in the design of systems and engineering of business solutions.