Manufacturing, Operations, and Supply Chain Transformation Thought Leader

Roddy Martin

Roddy brings more than 35 years of operations and leadership experience in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, technology, transformation change leadership, strategy operations, continuous improvement and consulting. He works closely with senior global leaders and executives from multiple industry verticals. He has extensive experience in the transformation of healthcare and consumer product value chains, from point-of-sale and customer relationships, market and patient outcomes into the supply network, Digital Operating Models, Integrated Business Planning, and manufacturing operations.

Roddy’s work experience and knowledge is grounded in actual operations experience. He also has deep expertise in benchmarking manufacturing and supply chain performance and best practices. Roddy has been a trusted advisor to global supply chain leaders and companies where he has leveraged his experience and research from SAB Miller,  AMR Research and Gartner, Accenture and Competitive Capabilities International.

Roddy has advised and coached supply chain leaders at leading global companies as a research-based trusted advisor on business strategy, transformation, continuous improvement, and technology best practices. He works closely with companies in consumer products, life sciences, high tech and chemical industries, where he advises and consults thought-leading perspectives on market-driven, end-to-end, demand-driven and digital capability transformation and change leadership transformations.

In the course of his AMR Research career Roddy worked at the leadership level with global manufacturers such as P&G, Unilever, Colgate, Smuckers, SABMiller, General Mills, Kraft, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Lucent Alcatel, Novartis, GSK, Astra Zeneca, SC Johnson, Medtronic, Mead Westvaco, Novo Nordisk, Mars, Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell, Emerson and Ryder Logistics to name a few. He is experienced in performance benchmarking and maturity diagnostics and has developed a 5 stage maturity and capability diagnostic methodology. Roddy has also been an integral part of the development and deployment of integrative improvement production systems.

Roddy is a retired L3 Accenture Partner and an internationally recognized thought leader who regularly presents at high-profile global SC speaking events. He was recognized as a Research Fellow at Gartner/AMR Research and acknowledged for his transformation leadership role at SAB Miller.