Supply Chain Thought Leader, Change Agent

Tony Martins

Tony brings extensive experience and innovation in Enterprise Transformation, business process simplification, the deployment of social models at the core of Enterprise Operations, continuous flow manufacturing and supply and service optimization. He has worked in 12 different industries over 35 years.

Tony was a pioneer in Software Factories in the field of business systems, where he developed an approach of using standard parts for multiple systems in multiple technologies. He managed software factories for 10 years, developing systems for Financial Institutions and Telecommunication companies. His factories achieved productivity rates of over 4 times industry standards and quality rates of 10 times industry averages.

The past 14 years, Tony has worked primarily as a Supply Chain Executive and Consultant in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He has deployed social models as a means to integrate supply chains through intimate collaboration between partners. This approach leverages good business relationships and the networking of people, more so than the integration of systems. In Manufacturing Operations, Tony has proven successes in reducing cycle times dramatically by creating continuous flow environments through innovative methods of planning of manufacturing operations and by deploying social models of collaboration.

Tony is the author of the HIVE model (Human Interaction Virtual Environment) which provides a framework for organizations to arrange the workplace to take advantage of the capacity people have to spontaneously combine diverse skills to construct responses to unexpected events and situations. He has evolved a metaphor for the Company of Tomorrow Today™ helping organizations transform into the new world of cloud, social media, mobile, big data analytics and the millennial generation. He writes regularly in his blog ( about the social supply chain, supply chain integration and strategies for the digitization of the company of tomorrow. Tony brought these creative approaches to the Zinata team in 2016.

Tony helps companies develop simple, substantial, sustainable solutions to complex business and operational problems.