A Proven Strategy to Improve Efficiency, Capacity, and Throughput

Unlike typical “solutions”, Product Wheel Scheduling incorporates a holistic view of your products and processes to address underlying challenges in production scheduling. Learn more about Product Wheels in this brief video.

When Product Wheel based scheduling strategies are paired with Phenix Planning and Scheduling, a cloud-based tool to support all plant scheduling needs, companies can systemically and simplistically manipulate their resources, while proactively producing reproducible and productive manufacturing schedules. Bridging planned orders to real world resource capabilities allows schedulers to make and support good business decisions and eliminate firefighting.

Phenix can stand alone to maximize resource utilization and “right-first-time” performance for simple plant processes. Additionally, Phenix has proven essential as more sophisticated scheduling approaches are used, such as Product Wheels. The benefits gained by improving manufacturing scheduling will continue to be achieved only when the scheduling process becomes systemic to your operating model. Tools that support ease of model maintenance and schedule changes are essential to ensure sustained effectiveness. Product Wheels and Phenix allows your company to do this. Learn more.

For more information, download the Manufacturing Effectiveness Toolkit. This toolkit contains the details you need to better understand Product Wheels and the many ways they could benefit your company.