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Download the Free Production Scheduling Presentation, providing insight into: 

  • The common manufacturing & scheduling issues
  • Typical solutions companies try that fail to succeed
  • An overview of the solution that fixes the real underlying problem

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THIS production scheduling presentation includes:

  1. ​An overview of the most common manufacturing challenges
  2. Insight into how these challenges impact companies
  3. The typical solutions, and why they often fail
  1. An introduction to Product Wheels: a permanent, effective solution to the underlying problem
  2. Case Studies demonstrating how Product Wheels are applied and their results
  3. Information on how Zinata helps companies to implement Product Wheels

What People Are Saying

“Since the wheels started at our packaging facility, we’ve experienced an 11% increase in average throughput per line, per shift. ”

Olivier Lemoine

NY Operations Director

Nature's Bounty

“Using Product Wheels with our large product mix and running them in the most optimal sequence to create better flow, reduce our changeovers and free up capacity… PRICELESS!! ”

Cheryl Alker,

Planning Manager

Nature's Bounty

“The process for creating the product wheels allowed us to see why we were having issues in our production environment. The product wheels gave us a process so that we can respond to the changing needs of our customers yet not lose our way on the routine items.”

Operations Director,

BG Products

Product Wheel Benefits

Typical solutions for the most common manufacturing problems are either costly (capital investment), ineffective (depending on inefficient equipment) or risky (relying on key people to keep everything going).

Product Wheels have none of these fatal flaws.

Reduced Changeover Costs

Increased Efficiency, Capacity, and Throughput (without capital investment!)

12 months or less ROI

The Production Scheduling Presentation will help you understand the ideal solution to common scheduling problems.

Get your copy and discover more effective solutions for your manufacturing processes today.