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Zinata believes in sharing what we’ve learned along the way. Our people do this through speaking engagements at trade events and conferences, videos, articles, white papers and personal blogs.

Here is a sampling of some contributions to the ever-evolving art and science of supply chain efficiency and improvement from some of its most highly regarded practitioners.

The Phenix Scheduler

Today’s Reality and What the Future Could Look Like

Are you striving to improve efficiency while dealing with constant changes in the schedule?

Are you manually creating your production schedules or using tools not designed for your purpose?

Interested in seeing if Phenix Planning and Scheduling – a cloud based extension to Product Wheels – is the answer that your company has been searching for? For more information download the product description and/or visit phenixps.com

Product Wheel Scheduling Assessment

Could you experience a 35% increase in throughput or save millions in labor costs? Could you overcome major scheduling issues in your manufacturing?

Find out if you could experience these kinds of benefits as a result of implementing Product Wheels. This assessment narrows in on the most common areas Product Wheels can make an impact, and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Our team of experts will review your responses and get back to you within 2 days with your results and suggested next steps.

Complete the Product Wheel Scheduling Assessment.